Cut the Cord. It's time!

You're paying for some sort of 'Triple Play' package from your cable provider- but you're finding that you don't watch most of the channels. Your home phone is mostly getting junk calls. And there are so many charges and fees on your bill that your simple plan for $89 a month suddenly became $175!! Heck- how many years have you been paying almost $20 a month for a DVR you're never even going to own? Sound familiar? Time to make a move!

Here's a simplified system to get that phone/ internet/ TV package for a fraction of the cost!

"Dear Cable Company- it's you, not me"

The relationship just isn't working. If your contract is up, it's easy to jump ship. If it's not- your provider should be able to keep you as a customer and downgrade you to what you need. Be persistent! My provider kept trying to upgrade me to a super deluxe internet package for about as much money as I have been spending on my bundle. A little digging and questioning uncovered the fact that I could get 75/75 wifi for a flat $54.99 a month- no taxes.. Done! They kept trying to up-sell me. I held my ground. They've done the math. The first thing they're did was offer me an internet and phone package that had a base price that was $20 more a month than I was paying already. They want you to say "I see. So WITHOUT the bundle, I actually pay more. I guess I better stay where I am then!". NO!!! Don't fall for it. Get out of that abusive relationship.

Home Phone- FREE!