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Hey! Be Careful out there!

Earlier today, a voice actor pointed out on social media that their Source Connect stopped working with the latest Mac operating system. Source Elements had actually issued a warning recently about this. Audio professionals know to never update our Mac operating systems, because once they are “upgraded” (debatable), it takes time for the software developers to play catch-up. This can render critical apps useless: Pro Tools, Source Connect, RX, etc… and it can be really hard to rewind your system to be functional again.


By way of example, I’m currently on High Sierra for my home rig. Buying a new Mac or updating my OS will mean I need to spend thousands of dollars on software updates to get back to where I am right now. My system is handling the current version of Source Connect, Pro Tools and everything else I need easily. I’m mixing spots in surround and stereo, piping in talent from around the country and the world, and the clients are happily monitoring it all on Zoom. Would I like a new operating system to be more in sync with my phone and other devices? Sure. But it will cripple my setup for a while and cost me a lot of time and money to get back to where I currently am. Don’t be on the bleeding edge - or worse, render your setup useless.

I’ll add that Apple has made us all beta testers. Never assume that a new operating system is an improvement. These days, they leave it to us to find all the bugs and then push releases to fix the problems they made. It's tedious. Let's be careful out there!


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