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Take a Stand!

The type of work you do, the space you have and your own personal preferences dictate which mic stand is right for you. Below I have itemized proven winners for all situations.

You've got ample recording space in your booth or large closet, and you mostly stand for sessions, but also want to be able to sit. You want this:

This is the On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Mic boom stand. I own several of these at home, and they are great! For very heavy mics, be careful not to front-load the weight, or you might find yourself being attacked by your mic. If it's an issue, just add a little weight to the back legs to keep it in check.

You've got a smaller closet or booth that you're recording in, and there's not way one of those big foldout stands is going to work for you. You want this:

A stand like this Hola! Music version helps you avoid tripping over the legs of the stand. The tripod style has three foldout legs, each about a foot long. That can be a problem when your booth is only 3 feet wide. Gain back some real estate with a solid base. Do you need the boom? Not necessarily. I find it makes keeping mic position while having copy behind and below the mic (when suspended upside down) a great way to avoid plosives and reflections from your mic stand/ screen. It costs $42.95 on Amazon.

Standing all day? Do I LOOK like an athlete?? I'm sitting at my desk! You want this:

This Gator Frameworks Deluxe desk mounted stand is a pricey mic arm that clamps to your set. Depending on your height, this might also serve as a sit OR stand situation- but you'd have to be relatively short! The mic cable is threaded through the arm itself, making for a cleaner look. It sells for $129.99 on Amazon.

"It costs HOW MUCH?". I know. Here's what I use, and it fully supports everything from my NT1A, 416, and Podmic easily. Try this:

This desktop mic arm from InnoGear works great! It also comes with lots of accessories to make the most of your setup. Velcro ties to keep your mic cable in check, a thread adaptor to make sure your mic fits, plug two different mic holders (which you may or may not even need). I find once mine is tightened into position, moving it up and down is easy- and the mic stays in place perfectly.

"But those desk arms bend back and hit the wall of my closet. I just don't have the room for any of that!". You want this:

This desktop mini-boom from Gator Frameworks may be the compromise you're looking for. It has a heavy enough solid base to support most mics. The only thing to be mindful of is placement. If a stand like this is going to have you seated too far from the mic, you'll need to find another solution. It sells for $49.99 on Amazon.

I hope this helps you inform your decisions when creating or modifying your home space. As always, if you need help- feel free to reach out via the HELP tab at the top of the website.


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