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The Gilbert Years- Part 3: Greatest Hits and UnSung!

This is the last of my blog pieces about the years I've spent handling the audio production of Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast! The new plan, as you may have read, is for the show to be recorded at Sirius XM, where each episode will have a limited run on the Comedy Greats channel- and then be released as a podcast through Starburns Audio. Sadly, as I've already posted, I am no longer needed to record and mix the episodes. Being told the show can't use you anymore was a slight jolt, and leaving is bittersweet. But I am sure the show will continue to deliver the goods and hopefully thrive in their new arrangement.

To kick things off, here is a fun slide show of a bunch of shots of guests both at Nutmeg and Earwolf/ Stitcher.

Some of my favorite guests and video clips are below, followed at the bottom by a little bit more about MY new podcast- UnSung: The People You Don't Know You Know!


There are so many memorable moments from over the years that it's almost impossible to pick my favorites... but here, in no particular order, are some true gems.

While Jonathan Katz tries to tell a story about an appearance on Conan, Gilbert falls into a laughing frenzy. I don't recall if we ever got to hear the story!

Gilbert and Frank are joined by Richard Belzer, Paul Shaffer, and Tom Leopold. A room full of icons. And Tom!

Bill Macy. What can we say? One of the funniest episodes ever. Rest In Peace! I hope heaven is filled with herring.

In what may have been one of the first episodes featuring the, errr... unique vocal stylings of Gilbert Gottfried, Tony Orlando lit up the studio with this version of 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon'.

Dominic Chianese serenaded us with several beautiful songs during his episode. What an unexpected treat! He's rocking my Gibson SG Firebrand. The man is hardcore.

Tommy James sings "I Think We're Alone Now" with Gilbert. I'll never forget how beautiful his acoustic guitar sounded. Hard to hear in this live clip- but his musical moments in the episode are glorious.

Who knew that Bob Einstein was an amazing insult comic! Truly one of the funniest guests ever- and he managed to tear Gilbert and Frank new buttholes while we were all doubled over laughing.

Steven Wright proved silent but deadly on his episode. He would laugh hysterically, but make no sound. Listening to the episode, you'd get the impression he wasn't amused at all. If he was there at all. At least there's video.

Tom Scharpling described his appearance as "cathartic". He entered the room and announced "I was just let go as a writer from HBO's 'Divorce'". Needless to say, Gilbert was sure to mention that repeatedly throughout the episode.


Coming in early 2020 is my new show, "UnSung: The People You Don't Know You Know". You'll hear about the lives and awesome behind the scenes stories from amazing singers, musicians, actors, directors, agents, editors, and more! It's the people you hear on your radio and see on your TV- but in most cases might not notice them walking past you on the street. There are some definite exceptions to this rule, as you'll hear along the way with guests that are definitely more "sung" than "unsung". These are some incredibly talented people who play important roles shaping the media landscape. I'm going to do my best to shine a spotlight on them.

The show itself won't be the typical studio interview. I'm taking it on the go, whether it's a park, diner, my home studio or sitting by the fire in my living room. Spending my days producing commercials for radio, sound designing and mixing spots for TV, recording for animation studios, ADR for feature films and TV series and more, puts me in touch some great people. The show is inspired by the moments that I get to spend before and after sessions with them. I can't wait to introduce them to you.

Follow my website by signing up and be the first to know when the show goes live! And thank you for all the support you've already given.


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