2 beep or NOT 2 beep.

I don’t like ‘2 beeps’. I don’t think they have any place in 2014. They’re not hard to add to deliverables when a job is done. It’s just that they’ve lost their relevance. Twice in the past year I had an editor (or assistant editor) follow up on a job to say “Can you make a new set up mixes and splits with ‘2 beeps’?”. The answer is sure. But my underlying question is “Why???”. We work in an age where we can now see on the screen the entire file we’re working with as soon as we add it to our job- be it in Pro Tools, AVID or any other production workstation in the digital age. But this wasn’t always the case! It’s wasn’t all THAT long ago that audio mixes and splits were being played

My Take on iOS8

IOS7 made me feel like I just bought a new phone. The graphics overhaul was a major leap- like going from OS9 to OSX for the first time on a Mac. After I downloaded IOS8 on my iPhone 5C (don’t judge me!), I didn’t have that same sense of “WOW!”. But as I dug deeper, I found that there are a TON of 'common sense', much needed, often wished for improvements to IOS7! I am very happy with it so far. As for stability- I have not had any issues… and installing it (almost exactly when it was released) went a lot smoother than the IOS7 update. I had a false start- but I'm sure it was just the system being slammed. I was going to go over all of the awesome features… but someone did a very th

Siri Vs. Cortana- Mirror Mirror!

Here's some current 'on-air' work that I mixed for the good folks at Microsoft. A TV spot pitting Siri against Cortana for the HTC One M8 for Windows. Makes me chuckle every time. Enjoy!

10 YEARS? That's practically a DECADE!!

Today is September 15th, 2014. That means I’ve been at Nutmeg Post for EXACTLY 10 YEARS! Wow that went fast!! When I started here, Nutmeg occupied the 6th Floor with two additional rooms on the 8th Floor. We were only doing audio (we were still called Nutmeg Audio Post). Ten years later and we’re on 3 full floors. The word ‘audio’ is out and we’re Nutmeg Post. We now have 11 Pro Tools rooms, 11 Avid rooms, Color Correction, Graphics, producers and creatives. The staff size has more than doubled since I started. It’s been amazing to watch the changes- both in offerings, equipment and decor! But beyond the physical expansion and the new talent on-board... the WAY we do things has cha

New Work- Microsoft Surface

Anyone Who knows me, knows I'm a tech-junky. I've also been a pretty devout Apple user. But having recorded and mixed these spots recently, I'm starting to question EVERYTHING! I can't wait to get my hands on one to check it out. Photoshop on a tablet? Pretty slick! Enjoy the spots!

Comparing Apples to Apples?

FINALLY! Our daughter fell asleep… my wife watched her favorite shows… and the TV was mine! I could stream the entire Apple event from yesterday and learn all about the new iPhone and Apple Watch! I had been reading posts about it all day, and trying to catch glimpses between sessions… but with Apple’s website failing, there was just no way. The first thing that came on was this FANTASTIC VIDEO! It was immediately recognizable to me- as the band OK GO had just done the same thing for their song ‘Writing on the Wall’. I had assumed Apple must have hired the same company to make their video. As AdWeek is now reporting- I was correct! However, it’s complicated by the fact that the band

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