Throwback Track

This is one of my all time favorite TV spots from over the years. I sound designed and mixed this back in 2008- mere months before actually BECOMING a dad! #TBT


Here in NY, the changing of the leaves is in full effect. Summer’s end seems so far in the past. And it dawned on me that there have been a number of wonderful projects ending as well. A week ago I had the privilege of recording yet another DVD commentary session for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. As a huge fan of the show, I am always delighted when I get booked on these. But what I didn’t realize until the clients arrived, was that this would be the series finale episode- and also the last time (barring award shows no doubt) that this insanely talented crew would be together! This is it. The end of the road for this fantastic show, every frame of which could stand as it’s own piece of art.

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