My Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Gen3 Review for Pro Sound News

People often ask me what audio interface I recommend. I always answer with two questions: “What are you recording?” and “What’s your budget?” There are products on the market that will suit any answers—there is literally something for everyone. Focusrite has taken that idea and run with it in its new lineup of Scarlett interfaces. While this review focuses on the Scarlett 18i20 3rd generation interface, many of the advancements I mention carry across the entire Scarlett line. Read my full review here:

Rodecaster Pro

"Røde may not have intended it, but this is also a perfect solution for voice actors with home studios."

Digital Arts Hosts Veterans and VO Cares

Digital Arts recently hosted VME: Veterans in Media and Entertainment for an informative and fun "workout" evening. Talent agents, casting directors and engineers were paired with groups of of Veterans for some coaching and tips on working in the voice acting world. Engineers Frank Verderosa and Dominic Michelle ran sessions overseen by Sound and Fury's Jill Kershaw and Carli Silver, with Digital Arts producer Lauren Boyle coordinating the event. Tim Walsh from Atlas Talent and Sandy Gunar from Avanti Talent offered excellent advice and insight into the state of the industry, while Tony Mennuuto of Horizon Media, Jill and Carli from Sound and Fury gave direction to an excited and eager group

The Room Where it Happens

Time after time I hear or read comments from voice actors and voice class teachers regarding “the people in the room”. It’s generally framed as a negative bunch of sushi eating, gourmet latte sipping people who are hell bent on making your life difficult as an actor. But is that true? The answer is no. Everyone in the room- and you in the booth- have the same goal: make the clients happy. So who are those people staring at you on the other side of the glass? Your Engineer If your lucky, your engineer has been doing his job long enough to navigate, negotiate, translate and steer the session in cases where it goes off the rails. A good engineer in the commercial world is not just a competent

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