It’s FREE! My Exit Interview on Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast.

Listen here! Just a quick note to plug a mini episode I did with Gilbert and Frank (and Paul) a little while back. Since it’s no longer behind the paywall, you can give it a listen- FREE! We get into how I got involved with the show, how Nutmeg came into the fold and a glimpse of what’s next for me now that the show has changed gears and doesn’t need my butt anymore. Thanks again for all your support as I prepare to bring you UNsung: The People you don’t Know you Know.

The Video Show!

I’ll be speaking this Thursday at The Video Show in Washington, DC! If you’re in the area, it’s free to attend. If you’re already going to be there- come say hi! I’m speaking at 1pm. “Getting it Made: Content and Quality in Podcasting” We'll explore the variables associated with creating audio content by weighing cost, purpose, audience, and goals.  With references and examples of current podcast productions, we'll discuss challenges and sollutions- whether recording in your office or around the world. We'll also weigh the options for recording, and show how scaleable production can be!

Real world Review: Rode Podmic

This was my first review for Pro Sound New. The article link changed, so I’m re-posting.

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