Critical Location Audio Recording

How to Punk an nice group of people who are just trying to do their job. Kevin Dougherty is a super nice, very talented and extremely helpful guy. So why did I choose to make his life so difficult as he was capturing some behind the scenes footage at Nutmeg for Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast? Well- because I'm a jerk. Kevin includes the story in his article published on Tongal called "Location Sound: What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong". Read Kevin’s article here. - it's good info! See the silliness Kevin refers to here at the 5:45 mark. The best part was seeing Gilbert, Dara and Richard Kind laughing their asses off. Thanks for letting me be a jerk, Kevin!

Tech Talk Tuesday

I hope this very simple primer on voice recording in GarageBand is helpful. It gets a bad rap from Voice Actors, but with some patience and

Must-See Voice Actor TV!

All actors have their own horror stories of "sessions gone wrong". Here are a few great videos showing the darker side of voice acting.

There’s Money in Podcasting...

If you’re one of these top 5 shows! “My Favorite Murder was born, fittingly enough, at a Halloween party in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2015. The gathering was thrown by a mutual friend of the podcast’s future cohosts, Karen Kilgariff, a standup comic and comedy writer, and Georgia Hardstark, a host on the Cooking Channel. The women had met before. But “it wasn’t until this party that we realized we were both really into true crime and didn’t have anyone else to talk to about it,” says Hardstark, 39. “I met someone who ... didn’t want me to shut up about murder.” Millions of others, it turns out, didn’t want them to shut up either. Listeners can’t get enough of the pair’s da

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