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الخميس، ٢٩ فبراير


RX Elements for Voice Actors

RX Elements for Voice Actors

While I strongly discourage voice actors from processing their files, many people from the audiobook, corporate narration and other genres have reached out wanting to understand their RX plugins. This is for you! We will be using YOUR FILES in this class to evaluate and guide what works for you.

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RX Elements for Voice Actors
RX Elements for Voice Actors

Time & Location

٢٩ فبراير ٢٠٢٤، ٨:٠٠ م – ١٠:٠٠ م غرينتش-٥

RX Elements for Voice Actors


About the Event

What we'll cover- using YOUR RAW AUDIO:

  • Voice De-Noise
  • De-Click for removing mouth noise
  • De-Reverb...  which if you need, you have much bigger issues!
  • PLUS: the included RX Editor- a powerful tool on it's own!

... and a quick overview of the others modules that aren't relevant to most VO work.

For. this class, I will demonstrating using RX10. These core modules haven't changed in general fucntionality thatt much over time- so if you're using RX7,  RX8, or RX9, you'll be fine. However, keep in mind that the De-Reverb module is only included in RX10  (although it's not one you'll really use for VO).

I will email as we get closer asking for participants to submit RAW audio samples from your booth to use for demonstrations.

The cost of this class is $79 payable via PayPal and Venmo (preferred) or by Credit Card with Square at checkout. It is limited to 10 people.

***While this class will be recorded, there is no promise that a recording will be available. By signing up and paying, it is assumed that you will be there to participate. You are welcome to join on multiple devices so that you can work on your computer while watching and participating. ***

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