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You've been researching, taking classes, and finally bought everything you need to set up your home studio. The problem is- you find it a bit overwhelming. Don't worry- you're not alone! 

Over the course of 2 hours, I will get you from a pile of boxes to recording yourself and emailing takes. We'll walk through your interface settings, mic connection and placement, connecting to your DAW and finally recording and delivering takes. 

The cost if $300 for approximately 2 hours of time, all conducted over Zoom. A link will be sent with payment. Please do not pay until we have determined a time- and that you have everything you need!

Important: You are paying for my time as much as my expertise. If you are late, or miss your appointment, there are no refunds. I am happy to reschedule if you let me know a day in advance. Please double check the time on the Zoom link when it is sent to make sure it's what we agreed on.  Thank you for understanding. 

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