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How can I help you?

  • Sound so good you’ll be looking for residuals! Is it a reel or is it R...

    1 hr

    $1,500 Total Package
  • You already have a home studio, but need to check your sound! Click be...

    15 min

    45 US dollars
  • You need help planning a booth that works for your space! Click below ...

    1 hr

    180 US dollars
  • You need one on one help choosing gear, working within a budget or gen...

    30 min

    90 US dollars
  • Need to punch up your demo reel? Let me help you with that!

    1 hr 30 min

    250 US dollars
  • Go from boxes to delivering takes! Click below for important details

    2 hr

    360 US dollars

These are services I am offering Voice Actors directly in my off hours. If you're an ad agency client, editor or production company looking for mixing, sound design or recording services, please contact me directly. Thanks!

PLEASE be sure to to click "Read More" under for important details.

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