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You already have a home studio, but need to check your sound! Click below for details!

  • 15 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Is your sound broadcast ready? Is your setup going to fly for booked sessions? This $45 evaluation will help improve your sound if needed. Often times small adjustments make big improvements! You can follow the links and pay through this website with PayPal and receive a Zoom link automatically- or you can Venmo me @frank-verderosa, and label it 'Evaluation' and I will send a Zoom link before your scheduled time. We'll work together for 15 minutes on Zoom to evaluate your setup, and make adjustments as needed to improve things. Prior to our meeting, I need the following from you (email me at - A list of your gear  - Photos of your recording space (sometimes I can spot obvious issues just by looking at your setup). - A recorded sample that leaves some space at the top so I can hear just room tone and background noise, followed by you reading some softer and then louder passages so we can hear how the room or booth reacts. This should be free of any processing (no EQ, compression, noise removal) for an honest representation of your space. The things I'm checking for are mic placement, booth acoustics, mic quality, level settings and other details that can effect your sound. Often times, simple adjustments can dramatically improve your quality! If more dramatic adjustments such as acoustic treatment or equipment consulting is needed, we'll have to schedule a second session under Consultation or Booth Consult to continue. Generally, people are able to resolve glaring issues quickly during our evaluation. 15 minutes goes quickly- so please be prepared and ready to go! It's tempting to bring a list of questions, but we may not have time. If you feel you need a longer session for additional information, it's better to book at 30 minute general help session (see separate appointment window for that). Important: You are paying for my time as much as my expertise. If you are late, or miss your appointment, there are no refunds. I am happy to reschedule if you let me know two days in advance. Please double check the time on the Zoom link when it is sent to make sure it's what we agreed on.  All times are Eastern. Thank you! ​ ​

Cancellation Policy

For most appointments: Refund if cancelled with 48 hours. You may reschedule one time if there is an emergency. For Demo Reel Edit bookings: If the materials sent over are not suitable for a voice over demo reel, a refund will be give minus 20% for time spend reviewing and downloading elements. For Voice Over Demo Reels: No refund are given once the process has begun. From time to time, due to work or personal reasons, I may need to reschedule. I will always reach out when there is an issue. Thanks for understanding!

Contact Details

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