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Demo Reel- DEMO REAL! Meet Lainie Ventura

Lainie Ventura Demo Reel Voice Actor
Actor Lainie Ventura

Lainie Ventura is an actress, producer and voiceover artist. She has appeared on-camera in numerous TV commercials, films, and TV shows. Her short film EnSuite (which I had the pleasure of mixing and sound designing) garnered numerous awards at film festivals from coast to coast as a producer and actor.

We focused on copy that she was able to get to easily and authentically, resulting in a natural and believable series of spots. Those completed spots were then used to sculpt the final demo reel- which sounds quite real!

To learn more about Lainie, check out her website. or check out her IMDB Pro page.

I'm delighted that we were able to get her demo heard, and she is now signed for voice work with DDO.

Listen by clicking below! I'll be featuring more reels and success stories here- so be sure to subscribe to the blog pages and signup for me emails.


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