Samsung Gearfit 2 - My current obesssion!

A couple of years ago, I decided to purchase a Fitbit Charge HR. I loved it. It was my sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, silent alarm clock, handy wrist watch, and a caller ID monitor. I didn't want much more. I needed a fitness band more than a smart watch. Besides, my phone is never more than arms length away (otherwise I start to twitch!)- so what's the point?

During a fun filled summer of 2016, I discovered that my beloved Fitbit Charge HR was waterproof- despite the company claiming it was merely water resistant! Fast forward to the beginning of the summer of 2017, and it turns out they were right after all. My first swim of the new season rendered my fitness band useless. So what next?

I did a lot of research into what a good replacement could be. The Apple Watch is still not on my radar. However, many fitness bands have added a lot of features since I last checked into them. It's a pretty wide feild- and what works for you is entirely dependent on your needs and budget. But the Samsung Gear Fit 2 caught my eye! It's selling for $130 on Amazon these days, I figured I would try it, and if I hated it, I could return it.

I love it.