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Comparing Apples to Apples?

FINALLY! Our daughter fell asleep… my wife watched her favorite shows… and the TV was mine! I could stream the entire Apple event from yesterday and learn all about the new iPhone and Apple Watch! I had been reading posts about it all day, and trying to catch glimpses between sessions… but with Apple’s website failing, there was just no way.

The first thing that came on was this FANTASTIC VIDEO! It was immediately recognizable to me- as the band OK GO had just done the same thing for their song ‘Writing on the Wall’. I had assumed Apple must have hired the same company to make their video.

As AdWeek is now reporting- I was correct! However, it’s complicated by the fact that the band alleges to have pitched the idea to Apple a while back. This certainly isn’t the first time a brand has borrowed from a band. Definitely not the first time an innovative music video inspired a commercial using the same tricks. And for Apple- it’s DEFINITELY not the first time they’ve borrowed technology to make something that claims to be “Different”. Siri, as amazing as it is, was not even invented by Apple. It was a stand alone app- purchased by Apple, and then killed for everything below the IPhone 4S. I recall someone saying “I have that Siri app already for my iPhone”… followed a short time later by “it just suddenly stopped working!”.

So- innovation at Apple is not as innovative as we’d all like to believe.

Here is Apple's amazing video:

And here is OK GOs "Writing on the Wall" in case you haven't seen it:

So what do YOU think?

Check out the AdWeek article below:


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