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Looking back and looking forward. Happy New Year!

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2014 was the kind of year I love: lots of diverse and fun TV spots (Microsoft, and M&Ms come to mind - anything with the letter M), radio production, cool sound design jobs and hang time with some very cool ad agency folks and the ever awesome talent pool. I’ve posted a lot of the highlights here on my blog… feel free to browse.


It was also a year full of feature film, animation and TV show work. The summer bore the fruits of my labor on projects like “The Boxtrolls”,

“Planes: Fire and Rescue”, Disney’s “The Pirate Princess” (and the next installment of the TInkerbell series “Legend of the Neverbeast”) and Michael Bay’s take on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

Tracy Morgan recording for his character in "The Boxtrolls"

I also handled ADR sessions for HBO/Cinemax’s show “Banshee”, as well as recording some commentary sessions for the DVD release of their first season. And speaking of commentary sessions- HBO logged a lot of hours with me doing commentary for shows like Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom and Game of Thrones.

Steve Buscemi after a Boardwalk session

And for the animation world, I handled recording sessions for Nickelodian’s "Sanjay and Craig”, as well as FX’s “Archer”, “Chozen” and several other cartoons for Cartoon Network. And just to keep it interesting, I sound designed and mixed numerous network promos.

And as if all that post production work wasn’t enough- I had the good fortune of spending my personal time mixing an album for the insanely brilliant Kate Tempest- Ted Hughes Prize winner and British Mercury Award finalist. After being floored by her performance of “The Brand New Ancients” at St. Anne’s Warehouse, I was tasked with mixing what would become the CD/Itunes download (and vinyl through Gearbox Records) of the show which had been tracked in the UK. It was an interesting chore, since technically it’s an audio book- but about 50% or so of it has musical underscore- and some pretty big full on music tracks! It’s an amazing work of art, and I’m honored to have been a part of it- and I highly suggest getting your ears on it!

Gilbert Gottfried being Funnier

And lastly, anyone who knows me knows that I love stand up comedy. So imagine my delight when a post on Facebook regarding Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast led to me actually hosting him, his co-host Frank Santopadre, and their guest Tom Leopold (writer for Seinfeld, Ellen, Cheers and so much more) for an episode here at Nutmeg. That episode “hit the air” on January 5th… which is a great way to start 2015. They were even kind enough to give me and Nutmeg a shout out! Check it out here!

I look forward to an even better 2015, and sincerely thank everyone that’s graced my room with their great work, laughs and talent.

- Frank V.


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