Google Wifi- take your home internet from mess to mesh

The wifi signal from our Fios router was no match for the thick walls of our old house. It worked ok for most of it, but left areas of the basement and upstairs bedrooms with dead zones. I would often complain that we weren't getting anywhere near the 75/75 speed we were paying for. We were streaming fine and emailing or browsing the web fine, but uploading large files took forever. I complained to Fios, and they sent a new router. It was better- but not dramatically. 

Our home has also entered into a time where we want to monitor and control our child's internet usage. A coworker mentioned Google Wifi as a solution, so I did some digging. Reviews suggested that it would not only allow for control of internet usage- but it would likely improve our internet speeds. That was enough for me to purchase a 3 pack from Amazon!  I had been warned beforehand of a small hoop I'd have to jump through in order to get it to function with my Fios router. In a nutshell, I needed to login to my router and turn off it's wifi. It's simple to do, but because I hadn't logged in for years, it involved resetting the device and my password. 

Setting it up:

The system setup is quick an