Black Friday Lockdown Boredom-Busters and Beyond: A Family Fun Gift Guide

Here's a curated bunch of things I have bought and use that have brought joy during the chaos in our home. There's something for everyone here. Enjoy!

Fun and Games

Let's face it: lockdown is tedious and exhausting. For some, online gaming and increased screen-time is a solution. But for those with kids that are completely over staring at screens for school- I've got a few fun suggestions that have helped my family a lot! Just to make it a more thorough gift lists, I've included a number of items on the "nerd mom and dad" side of things... fun, small tech gifts to enjoy!

My daughter and I enjoyed playing a video version of shuffleboard and bowling, but we both got tired of sitting in front of the TV- especially as the weather got nicer outside. Enter this decent sized tabletop version of the bar classic! It a decent size, and as just as enjoyable as the big version once you get the hang of it. Just set it on a level table and off you go.