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Prime Day is Voice Actor Savings Day!

Prime Day 2023 as come and gone, and I was able to find some great deals in real-time to share here (link still below to consider). If you need help choosing gear, you might consider a 15 minute help session to discuss your needs and your budget.

Sennheiser dropped the 416 by $50. So that’s something. People often “climb the ladder” on mic purchases, and ultimately spend more than if they had just gotten their “forever mic” earlier on. This one is sold by the Sennheiser Pro shop on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a budget mic that rocks, the Stellar X2 is a proven winner down from $199 to $159.

You can save some money on a renewed pair of DT770 Pro 80 Ohm headphones for just $139!

The Universal Audio Volt 176 is down to $180 from $199.

12x12x2" thick acoustic tiles are selling for just $31.99 for a 24 pack!

This boom arm style mic stand from Innogear is on sale for $23.19.

This "sit to stand" laptop cart is awesome for smaller booths or apartments where you want to be able to tuck your gear away and roll it back out as needed. Currently $64.99 (claims to normally be $147.99, but it's always closer to $89... so it's a little savings).

This InnoGear desktop mic arm is on sale for $19.98

The Synco D2 is down to $149. The catch for me is that while it sounds great on some people, it sounds "just ok" for many others. Be prepared to return it if you don't love it.


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