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Summer Movie Fun!

Several projects I had the pleasure of working on have hit the big screen this summer! It started out with Planes: Fire And Rescue, the sequel to last year’s ‘Planes’ (that I recorded Stacy Keech, John Cleese and Anthony Edwards for). Then Michael Bay’s take on ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ hit theaters… and to end the Summer, ‘The Boxtrolls’ hits screens in September.



Summer started off with the release of Disney’s ‘The Pirate Fairy’ on BluRay. It was released in theaters over seas… but not in the US. I recorded Lucy Liu (as Silvermist), Megan Hilty (as Rosetta), Christina Hendricks (as Zarina- the Pirate Fairy), Angelica Houston (as Queen Clarion) and Raven Symone (as Iridessa). While I’m proud of all the work I’ve done for the various Tinkerbell films over the years.. I am MOST proud of the fact that I can bring the work home for my daughter to enjoy!


Planes: Fire and Rescue was a treat because I got to record Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara together. I’ve always been a fan of their work. To watch them riff off of each other at their age was magical. They brought both humor AND intense emotional drama to their reads. I haven’t seen the final product yet… but I’m hoping that all came through. Such a treat.

The new ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ film popped up rather suddenly, and was turned around to theaters at an impressive speed! I had the privilege of recording Tony Shalhoub as ‘Splinter’. Oddly enough, I had been recording actor Hoon Lee (Banshee) in the same roll for the animated series on Nickelodeon… so it was very interesting to see this new spin on the character. Part of the challenge in handling ADR for TMNT was that not all of the scenes were animated yet for the movie. We had to match dialogue for scenes that were still just the motion capture actors speaking (covered in their ping pong balls against green screens). It was wild to see that intercut with live action scenes. Quite an undertaking… and I’m hoping to catch it in a theater soon… even if just to see my name in the credits :)


The Boxtrolls is something I’ve recorded over the past couple of years. I handled several sessions with Tracy Morgan (as Mr. Gristle). Excellent comic relief. I’ve only seen test animations and some glimpses of the final scenes... and it all looks amazing. It’s all stop motion animation on massive sets. Such an interesting and impressive process. I also recorded Toni Collette (as Lady Portly-Rind) for her parts in the film. Lots of other great people in the movie. Oddly, Sir Ben Kingly was the voice of the villain ‘Snatcher’… but IMDB now lists Liam Neeson. Interesting! I just read interviews about the movie with Ben Kingsley at the beginning of the August. Hmmmm…

Thanks for reading! More soon.

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