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AI and the Art of Self Inflicted Wounds: Opinion

Sure, this sucks. Getting paid a pittance and then having your voice cloned without knowing is everyone’s worst nightmare. But my hot-takes here are:

- Stop the pay to play nonsense. It’s all a f@$king scam, and you’ll eventually get burned. The article cites the work done on Fivvr. Quick cash and ultimately hosed. Stop. STOP!!

- Stop thinking you’re smarter than talent agents. There are people who live and breath protecting your best interests. Work with them. You’re only shooting yourself in the foot long-term.

- For all you folks that decided you didn’t need or want a union so that you could grab the low hanging fruit and make a quick buck- this is where it brought you. You did this to yourselves.

- Hindsight is 2020, but for those of you that are absolutely confident the AI platform you made a deal with has your back… I’m preparing the popcorn to see how that plays out.

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Andrew Hess
Andrew Hess
3 days ago

This is why I'm pitching myself to VO agents as hard as I can. I'm terrified of getting my voice stolen. I wouldn't trust these AI companies to bag my groceries let alone honor their agreements.

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