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Can you Wash Beyerdynamic Ear Pads?

Can you wash byerdynamic ear pads

I got my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones for Christmas before Covid. We didn’t know much about Covid at that time, and I didn’t imagine I’d be wearing these as often as I do! They’re definitely my favorite headphones.

Those that have worked with me remotely know that for the recording portion of a session, I keep these on while I route all the remote connections. I also use Source Talkback, but even when my mains are dimmed- someone invariably says they hear an echo between takes… and I’m tired of explaining why over and over. So- headphones for the recording and then speakers for the mix.

This week I got tired of looking at my dirty headphone pads, which have also gotten a bit flattened. I decided it was time for a replacement set, which I ordered on Amazon yesterday. I took a moment to install them today, and the headphones are like new again.

Wash Beyerdynmaic Ear Pads
Fresh from the dryer... and old pair from Beyer

Since I was planning on tossing the old pads, I decided to see what would happen if I treated them with a de-greaser and ran them through the wash to answer the question: Can you wash Beyerdynamic ear pads? They held up better than anticipated! They’re still discolored from years of sweaty hours working from home, but cleaned up decently.

Wash Beyerdynamic Ear Pads
Functionally fine... but flat.

They didn’t retain any of their “bounce”, however. They’re a bit flatter than the new ones. But my takeaway here is that they can in fact survive a cold wash and a run through the dryer with other soft clothing. And for the record, installing a fresh set of cushions took about two minutes and is totally worth it.

If you need help thinking through your home setup, feel free to connect with me here.

The more you know!


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