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Must-See Voice Actor TV!

All actors have their own horror stories of "sessions gone wrong". If you're a celebrity, you MIGHT be able to push back or pitch a fit (plenty of those outtakes exist, which I'll post another time). But for most voice actors, you just need to do your best to decipher direction, compromise on comments and give the clients the goods.

Here are a few great videos that are most definitely created by people who've spent time on the inside.

As an engineer, I will tell you that in 30 years of working, the talkback button remains a mystery for so many people. The first part of this clip takes that to the extreme.

While you're in the booth, life continues to happen around you. This film is a deep cut into the overthinking that can happen in the control room as people try to find the right words to get you to say what they hear in their head. It's not easy! Most accomplished actors are fine with interpreting a read given by the writer. I pride myself on being able to work with the creatives in the room and translate their needs into direction you can understand. I love this film so much.

This is a comical look at a position I've seen actors in over and over again. As I've said before- you never know WHAT the people you're working with are dealing with between their jobs, their clients and even their personal lives. I once did a session very similar to this where I finally had to pull the plug and move on- much to the outrage of the writer. I later learned that the writer was dealing with some major personal issues, and their head just wasn't in the game. It happens. But this is an awesome take on it.

I hope you've enjoyed these! Just remember- we're all working together, and you just need to hang in there and make it work!


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