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UnSung: The People you Don't Know you Know!

Just before Covid lockdown, I had started production on a series I'd been wanting to do for ages. Un:Sung is a podcast featuring the people behind the scenes that make the things you love. Actors, writers, producers, editors, musicians, agents, etc. All the people that make the things you love- but you might not know them if they passed you on the street!

Having produced Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast for years, and handling many episodes with remote guests, I wanted to stick to in-person only, even if it meant traveling to them. Covid thwarted that effort after recording only two episodes. During lockdown, starting a podcast became the new national pastime- so I decided to shelf the idea. Those that know me through the world of voice acting and audio post production know that I hosted many events during lockdown featuring amazing actors that overlap with the voice business- and were perfect guests for this podcast! Cleaning up Zoom audio has required quite a bit more work on my end, but I'm finally rolling out episodes.

Episode 1 (already live) is Frank Simms, who was inspiration for this series. As a voice actor, I've known him since the early 90s when he came in regularly to record commercials for Harrah's Casinos, for which he was also the jingle singer. Over the years I'd gotten to know Frank better and I'm constantly amazed by all the artists he's sung for and performed with in addition to his massive commercial success!

We take a look at his amazing career and history as we discuss his work with everyone from David Bowie to Madonna, his work on Saturday Night Live, as well as his work as a g0-to voice in the world of advertising.

Episode 2, coming early February 2024, is An Animated Discussion featuring Bob Bergen (Porky Pig and many more), Bob Joles (Big City Greens, SpongeBob SquarePants) and Jim Conroy (Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, Jellystone). Rather than a just discussing their careers, this is a 2 part "fly on the wall" conversation about the voice acting business, the world of animation and so much more. Recorded in front of a virtual studio audience, part 2 also includes Q&A from aspiring voice actors.

Future episodes include a Radio Roundtable with several DJs, a discussion about the video game business, and more!

Listen, like and subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Google and most major podcast platforms! For show notes and more, be sure to follow the podcast page Facebook or join the group to discuss episodes with other listeners. To stay updated on show notes, photos and more, check out the show website here.

Special thanks to John Beach for voicing the show intro, and to Christina Andretta for being the promo voice of the show. Fun sidenote: all recording, editing, mixing, music and sound design is by me.


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