My Take on iOS8


IOS7 made me feel like I just bought a new phone. The graphics overhaul was a major leap- like going from OS9 to OSX for the first time on a Mac. After I downloaded IOS8 on my iPhone 5C (don’t judge me!), I didn’t have that same sense of “WOW!”. But as I dug deeper, I found that there are a TON of 'common sense', much needed, often wished for improvements to IOS7! I am very happy with it so far. As for stability- I have not had any issues… and installing it (almost exactly when it was released) went a lot smoother than the IOS7 update. I had a false start- but I'm sure it was just the system being slammed.

I was going to go over all of the awesome features… but someone did a very thorough job here:

Here are just a few changes and updates I love so far:

  • "Hey Siri!" Best thing ever. Now my phone can sit on my windshield mount and take orders while I drive. It works most of the time. I've had to intervene a few times when it wouldn't go back to my WAZE properly after being told to skip a song that was playing.