2 beep or NOT 2 beep.



I don’t like ‘2 beeps’. I don’t think they have any place in 2014. They’re not hard to add to deliverables when a job is done. It’s just that they’ve lost their relevance. Twice in the past year I had an editor (or assistant editor) follow up on a job to say “Can you make a new set up mixes and splits with ‘2 beeps’?”. The answer is sure. But my underlying question is “Why???”.

We work in an age where we can now see on the screen the entire file we’re working with as soon as we add it to our job- be it in Pro Tools, AVID or any other production workstation in the digital age. But this wasn’t always the case! It’s wasn’t all THAT long ago that audio mixes and splits were being played out to DAT tapes. Sure- properly set up Timecode DAT machines allowed for pretty solid synchronization. But to be safe- we always added the 2 beep. What if that tape was being sent to a place that DIDN’T have a Timecode DAT? They need to have SOME way to line things up. So the tried and true ‘2 beep’ method was very important.