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Demo/Real: Meet Fleece!

An important part of producing a demo reel is getting to know the actor's true voice. My goal is to find material that comes naturally for them, while also showing different shades of what that person can do. Long-term, this serves the actor's interest better than just throwing them into stuff that is not believable for their tone, age or range- or pushing them into something that doesn't flow organically.

Meet Fleece! Fleece is a multi-purpose actor who works on stage and screen as well as in VO. Her favorite credits include Twelfth Night with Commonwealth Shakespeare Festival, and Bundle of Sticks Off-Broadway at INTAR. From her home studio, she has recorded e-Learning narrations, commercials, and podcast segments for brands including Delta Airlines, Eli Lilly, Munchkin, and Triscuit. When not at the mic or self-taping, she can be found in boot camp fitness classes or crushing the leaderboard at Peloton (where, incidentally, she recently recorded a radio spot!).

One of the things that came up early in our conversations about what should be on her reel was her athleticism and love of fitness. So we kicked things off with a spot for Samsung GearFit 2, with a natural sounding read that makes us feel as if we're talking to a runner reflecting back on a workout.

We followed that up with Fleece as a small business owner for Chase, and then presenting us with a warm, delicious Mrs. Smith's pie. From there we pushed into some more promotional reads by adding a fashion spot. Wew pull back to a more serious read for a hospital to close things out.

Rather than creating short snippets of commercials, we fully produce each spot, which gabe Fleece a chance to tell a complete story in 30 or 15 seconds... because that's how commercials work. In addition to the finished demo below, Fleece has the entire series of fully produced spots to share with prospective clients.

In future posts, I'll be sharing booth design wins and other demo reel projects to hilite the people I feel so lucky to worko with. If you have questions about demo reels or need anything- just hit the VO HELP tab at the top of this website.


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