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Meet a Coach Replays- Debra Sperling!

Over the summer, I hosted a series of free events for one purpose: to answer the question "who do you recommend to study with?" that I am always asked.

We are in an industry where the market for people to teach you about voice acting seems saturated. On one end of the spectrum, you have seasoned veterans who are still actively booking or working in their field. On the other end you have people who booked a job or two and now want to make money teaching. While everyone's intentions are good- sharing what they've learned- it can be hard to navigate where to spend your money. Social media isn't a fair indicator. If I learned anything during the pandemic on Clubhouse, for example, it's that some of the most popular voices have the least amount of practical experience.

To help you decide, I hosted this series events. It was an opportunity for newcomers and pros alike to ask the important questions of a variety of coaches. We were live on Zoom and simulcasting on Clubhouse. The questions ranged from the tedious and mundane "should I slate and should I edit out my breaths on an audition" to "Tell me more about union verse non-union work". For this initial round of sessions, I presented five different teachers.

The first up in the series was Debra Sperling Deb is a veteran and active rock star in the business. As she puts it "Each teacher you work with gives you another tool for your toolbox". That is a great way to look at it.

Deb's focus is on bringing your authentic voice to your work. I know first hand having worked with her for many years how well she breaks down a script and puts herself into the read. People who have taken her class after watching her here RAVE about her. See for yourself by watching it by clicking here or the image to the left.

I will be rolling out the rest of this series in the order they were recorded. Stay tuned!


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