My Latest Obsession: Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

The Amazon Fire HD Tablet was on-sale for just $74.99 during the holidays. It now sells for $149.99, and is a tremendous value even at that price. While I'm not here to compare this to Apple products, when you consider that the base model 10" Ipad starts at $329, it's hard to ignore other brands. The article below gets into details- but here are the highlights, whether you're a voice actors or just want an affordable tablet:

Click here for the highlights:

* A fully functioning tablet capable of playing all major streaming services in beautiful 1080 HD

* Has a headphone jack and bluetooth capability, as well as decent built in speakers.

* Has a micro SD card slot capable of taking up to 1 TB of storage. You read that right.

* Forward and rear-facing camera for Zoom meetings or taking photos.

* Full-function Amazon Echo/ Show built in.

* You can run Source Connect Now in the Silk Browser (included).

... and so much more!

Before the holidays, I received an Amazon email pushing their latest Fire HD 10 tablet for just $74.99. That caught my attention, as I've recently started using an Avid S1 control surface in my home studio. The S1 pairs with the Avid Control app (Apple, Google, etc), turning your tablet into an extension of your surface. In addition to giving you a virtual meter bridge and on-screen faders, it has a million other features and functions to help with your mixing and editing workflow. I had been using an older Ipad mini, which was working well... but it was small. A 10.1" tablet seemed like a much better fit... and for just $74.99, it was worth investigating.