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Pandemic Production: Ferrero Rocher’s Holiday Campaign makes Ad Age’s Top 10

I was waiting for this campaign to launch so I could share it, because I’m so proud of it. Not just because it’s a nice spot- but because it’s a perfect example of coming together during a pandemic to get the work done!

The spot is via ad agency Terri&Sandy, NY, and creative director Sam Mazur. The New York based voice actor was patched in with Source Connect from her temporary home studio in California. The production team and producer were all connected via Zoom. They were able to see and hear the session in real-time. QuickTime movies were distributed for approval. The final sound design and surround mix were done at my home studio, which was renovated and upgraded before I had even heard of COVID 19. It’s been nothing short of a miracle that I’ve been able to not only keep working with my clients, but guiding ad agencies and actors on how to collaborate from home.

The icing on the cake is that Ad Age just recognized the work on its Top 10 Holiday spots for 2020. You can see the work and read about it here.

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