Tech Talk Tuesday

Demystifying Garage Band for Voice Actors

There are a number of reasons for a voice actor to have some sort of home studio: auditions, web-based gigs, audio books, and more. There are as many software options to record with as their are reasons to record! While it mostly boils down to personal preferences, often times budget is a factor. Every voice actor with a home studio will insist that their weapon of choice should be yours too. In a sea of free or cheap options, let's talk about one that Mac owners already own and might be overlooking: GarageBand.

Apple has a long history of taking once complicated processes and streamlining and simplifying it for the masses. Sadly, they also have an amazing ability to take something that was once simple and fun and make it more complicated than it needs to be- which scares people away. That might be part of the reason voice actors shy away from GarageBand. However, it's a totally simple and valid tool to use!

GarageBand gives you lots of template options for music production, podcasting and beyond. For a voice over recording, it's best to choose either "Voice" or even "Empty Project". The voice template opens into a simple session with a few voice tracks ready to go. You really only need one, so just focus on the top track in the project. You can name it whatever you like (perhaps your name/ product/ date is a good place to start), as that is the information that will be on the audio files recorded.