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VO goes META! Giving a Voice to the Virtual World

Anyone who already owns or has played around with an Oculus Quest 2 (now Meta Quest 2) knows the joys the virtual world has to offer. Standing in a completely immersive environment golfing, bowling, watching movies on an enormous screen, or otherwise socializing with your friends is absolutely mesmerizing in VR. As the world goes meta, many creative business people are finding their footing in the virtual world.

I recently attended two wonderful and connected events hosted by Act Now- one featuring Meta Dubai, the other featuring virtual Uluru-Kaya Tjuta National Park. Each event "helped overcome social and travel limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing creative technology solutions that unlock new possibilities through transformative experiences in safe, simulated environments", as per their press release. This sort of thing is happening more frequently, from virtual malls offering storefront space to small businesses, to convention centers that are for rent to host everything from movie release parties to corporate events. It's all here- from film festivals to burning man! It seems it's time to incorporate some added value into playtime.

Presenting VOxVR, a world inside Microsoft's AltSpaceVR (available in VR as well as Mac and PC). This multi-level facility offers a stage area where hosted events will be held, as well as a large screen for slide shows and other related content. There is also a resource room that will offer linked content to watch and listen to right inside of VR on your own. The space is lined with photos with museum-style clickable captions and other information. And of course, there will be lots of socializing and networking events.

The space will launch in the coming weeks with a meet and greet, followed by a series of informative evenings and presentation replays. Expect to hear live interviews with some of the best in the business, from voice actors and audio engineers to ad agency writers and content creators. Replays of previously recorded Zoom events will be available in AltSpace, along with live Q&A in the virtual space for free at launch, with more events being planned. If you are in VR, reach out and let me know. Events in VR will be promoted via AltSpace and through Both the app for Oculus Quest 2 and your associated Microsoft account are free. If you want help getting set up, reach out. Stay tuned!


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