It's Electric! Must-Have E-Bike Accessories

No matter where you are in the world, you've noticed that E-Bikes are taking towns by storm. Having recently purchased the Lectric XPremium (my review coming soon), I am an instant fan. I am opting to use it for local runs to the store instead of my car whenever possible. The thrill of being on a bike with the speed of pedal assist and/or throttle brings back that time in your childhood where you first got the freedom of a bicycle. While the XPreimum is loaded with great features and add-ons, for safety, security and comfort, there are a number of accessories you're going to want.

My week-old Lectric XPremium. Absolute joy and a great way to skip the gas pump.

I'm listing here what has worked for me. None of these items have been sent for review. I've spent the past week or so researching, consulting with friends, purchasing and returning many items to find what works best... and I'm sharing it with you. Especially because in many cases, decent reviews or videos were hard to find! In fact when I have a moment, I might add some supporting videos and link them here.



While many of the things below are for safety, anyone who's considering an E-Bike no doubt hears from friends and family how dangerous they can be. So to put their minds at ease- make sure you where a helmet! I own two very similar, regular bike helmets I am using for the Lectric. I've been enjoying this