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Meet a Coach- Sara Krieger

Continuing sharing of replays from this past summer's Meet a Coach series. This time it's the incomparable Sara Krieger! Have a watch and listen as we discuss her lengthy career as a voice actor, and how she went from being an accomplished singer to a regular on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Sara discusses her approach to teaching, her thoughts on the state of the voice industry and everything in between in this no-holds-barred, bare knuckles conversation. And as always, it's followed by questions from a live audience on Zoom and Clubhouse.

If you're a serious voice actor and looking to level-up your skills, reach out to Sara at her website! You won't be sorry.

  • Sara Krieger

  • Debra Sperling

  • Andy Roth

  • Anna Garduno,

  • and Paul Liberti.

This is 9 hours of video content for free!! This is your chance to hear from a variety of coaches and add some tools to your toolkit. Watch it. Share it. Enjoy!

There's more to come in 2023... so stay tuned!


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