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UN:SUNG Goes Gaming!

I had just started producing my podcast series Un:Sung- The People you don't know you know when the pandemic hit. While the years I spent recording and producing Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast focused on celebrities- I wanted to shine a light on the people that are a little more 'in the shadows'. Musicians, voice actors, editors, etc.

I wanted my interviews to be live and in-person, but lockdown put an end to that- so I benched the series. However, as I began working more and more with voice actors, I realized there was overlap and room to host events that could serve two purposes! This particular episode features actors Kaili Vernoff and Jen Cohn! They are both rockstars in the gaming world for their voices in some of the biggest titles out there. But they do so much more!

Have a listen and learn about their careers. Kaili's frequent Woody Allen movie apearences, Jen's fashion work... and so much more.

Let me know what you think! This will also be released as an audio-only podcast, but I wanted to start sharing some of these recordings now. Much more to come. Enjoy!


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