Gear Up for the Holidays: Part 2- the smaller Items

In a previous post, (Part 1), I itemized mics, interfaces and some other considerations for voice actors looking to up their home studio game. This post will focus on important incidentals and comfort while working. My next Home Studio Primer covers a lot of this in more detail, but if you need specific help one-on-one with selecting gear based on space considerations- or need help with a booth treatment, click here for help!

Headphones. You’re going to wearing them for a long time, whether you’re sitting in a commercial recording session or working on an audio book or other project from home. No matter which headphones you buy, it’s really important that they fit snuggly and comfortably to prevent sound from bleeding into your mic. Earbuds like the ones that come with your phone are likely not going to be comfortable or cut it for recording.

My absolute favorite headphones, which seem to have become an industry standard, are the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro. Their plush, velour ear pads are incredibly comfortable, and their sound is smooth and non-fatiguing.